Without participants, there is no research. Panelists are an integral part of the work and service we provide,
and SGL endeavors to recognize the value of panelists in every aspect of our operations. We are committed to
ensuring the safety and confidentiality of every guest who walks through our doors or participates online.
Safety is addressed with a thorough safety evaluation of each product by world class, board-certified
toxicologists as well as the thoughtful design, setup and maintenance of the physical spaces within our facility.
The confidentiality of personal information is protected within a secure database with restricted access and is
shared with others only pursuant to our Privacy Policy.

Why should you participate?

Be a VOICE behind creating and testing new, exciting skincare & haircare products! Your participation &
opinion plays a key role in bringing new products to market. The types of products we test include body
cleansers/moisturizers, sunless tanners, facial cleansers/moisturizers, and hair care products such as
shampoos, conditioners, treatments & styling products for a wide variety of hair types.

Our Skin & Hair Research includes both Clinical & Consumer studies:

  • Salon Evaluations
  • Photography
  • Instrumental Measurements
  • Home Usage & Online Studies
  • Focus Group Discussions & Interviews
  • We pay YOU to participate! Compensation is based on research length & involvement. Testing times vary to
    accommodate your schedule. Our studies range from brief, one-time visits to multiple visits over several
    weeks. We also offer online studies that do not require in-person visits to our facility.